Saturday, 29 November 2014

El Gordo.

So it's Christmas! (Well, at least it'll be December by the time you get to school on Monday.) So what do you think of when you think of Christmas in Spain?

El Gordo. 'The Fat One'. 

Spain's annual 2 billion euro lottery draw is due to take place (as always) on the 22nd of December. And, as is now also 'as always', it comes with a high-profile publicity campaign.

This year it's a series of mini-stories under the theme, 'El mayor premio es compartirlo.' (The best prize is to share it.) 

Many bars, clubs and businesses buy a ticket which their customers subsequently purchase 'shares' in, meaning that a win is often for a group of people joined by a common interest or activity.

Here's the headline story, about a man who forgets to buy his share in his local bar's ticket, only to discover that it wins the top prize. Have your pañuelos at the ready as you translate, it's getting rave reviews in the Spanish press as a real tear-jerker. Who's going to be the first in the class to shed a tear?

There are nueve short stories in all, ideal for higher-level students to translate as the Christmas season kicks-in. You can find them at El Bar de Antonio (the official website):

¡Feliz Navidad a todos, y muy buena suerte!


And a P.S., If you're really up-to-speed with current Spanish politics, you'll enjoy this parodia, featuring current presidente Mariano Rajoy (of the right-wing Partido Popular) and the leader of the recently-formed (and fast-growing) Podemos party, led by Pablo Iglesias. Rajoy plays the unlucky loser, Iglesias is the barman. Imagine Rajoy is Cameron and Iglesias is Farage and you'll get the drift (although it's interesting to note that Podemos is a left-of-centre party).

 El bar de Pablo Parodia

Presidente Mariano Rajoy

Pablo Iglesias, Podemos

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